Removes perspiration Prevents the stench

Extreme Equipment Deodorizer

Tried and true, We believe that Funkfree equipment deodorizer is the most effective deodorizer on the market.

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Funk Free | Sports Equipment Deodorizer

Fresh and odor free begin here.

Why Funk Free?

Because it works!

Developed by active people for active people, we wanted a product that was safe to use every day. A product that would work on sports equipment, camping gear, autos, household items, pets, and many other items.

One benefit of using Funk Free is that equipment does not need to dry once applied. Spray your equipment and gear before or after you play. Either way you will love the results.

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Funk Free Deodorizor works great on equipment like:

  • Sports Equipment
  • Camping Gear
  • Automotive Interiors
  • Pets and their Gear
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Misc. Household items

Why else is Funk Free great?

  • Removes Odor

    Funk Free provides unbeatable odor removal for your gear, while removing the sweat.

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  • Softens leather

    Funk Free helps keep the material soft and supple, and extends the life.

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  • Saves Money

    Funk Free takes care of your gear, and prevent the expense of cleaning.

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